Waste Water Blowers

www.WasteWaterBlower.com can source aeration blowers for customers in Eastern Canada and elsewhere

We pride ourselves on supplying the customer with the most efficient waste water and aeration blower equipment in the industry, and our dedication to quality is assured. Ask us about how we can serve you.

Do you require a waste water blower for an industrial application? Call our team of highly talented engineers. We'll quickly find or design the correct blower model to fit whichever application you have in mind.

Since a majority of the engineering work is accomplished during the quoting stage, one benefit of choosing an aeration blower from us is you get an extremely accurate representation of the final product. Servicing the customer with quality and exactness is what we do best.

Require a quote? Call CB Power and Industrial today: 1-888-317-8959 ext.26 or email: jim [at] cbpowerandindustrial.com